Ghosts and Poltergeists – oh, now I know the difference

Why am I researching this? I’m practically afraid of the dark as it is. From what I can determine, it seems ghosts are known to attach themselves to places. Poltergeists are known to attach themselves to people. Wherever spirits are trapped, might be devoid of time and space as we know it (if a little boy’s ghost has been wandering the staircase for decades, he might not be experiencing time and space in the same way as us. To him it could all be one brief moment).

Poltergeists attach themselves to people and are particularly fond (according to my research) of young children, especially girls.

Ghosts tend to be linked to specific places where certain gruesome activities such as murders may have taken place. Ghosts are known to haunt places where the deceased used to visit or reside before death.

Poltergeists are not confined to any particular area and are usually associated with specific objects and persons.

Ghost are more inclined to make an appearance. Poltergeists cause disturbances by manipulating forms of energy that a living person controls unknowingly. It may move or influence physical objects.

Ghostly energy continues over time.

Poltergeist’s energy builds up over time, reaches climax then slows…then climaxes again.

(excuse me a minute, while I go turn on all the lights and play some cheesy and friendly Disney music)

Ghosts are not violent. Poltergeists are dangerous, inflicting both physical and mental terror.

Ghosts are the passive souls of the dead. Poltergeists are aggressive souls of the departed.

One theory of ghosts is that energy remains for long periods of time, before it moves on to another form. Another theory is that ghosts are little more than strong emotions that have somehow become imprinted upon their surroundings.

The stories and experiences involving ghosts, spirits and poltergeists are never ending. Writing a paranormal ghostly romance is going to be one helluva experience.